Upcoming Retreats

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Program for the full days of the retreat

It is expected that all retreatants participate in all scheduled sittings. However, for special reasons that in advance should be told the teacher, you may skip a sitting. You are free to do hatha yoga between the sits, but nevertheless you should not completely skip the walking mediations that are an important part of vipassana.

  • At 7 am Sitting meditation
  • At 7.45 am Breakfast
  • At 8.15 am Walking meditation
  • At 8.45 Instructions and meditations, alternating between sits and walks
  • At 12 am Lunch and resting
  • At 1.30 pm Walking meditation
  • At 2 pm Instructions and mediations, alternating between sits and walks
  • At 6 pm Dinner and resting
  • At 7 pm Walking meditation
  • At 7.15 pm Reflections on the Dharma/ questions regarding your practice of the mediation
  • At 8.15 Walking meditation
  • At 8.30 pm Sitting meditation

At 9.30 Ending of the formal retreat day. From this hour you are free to do what you want, but still while observing silence. However, you may take a walk on the beach or participate in the bonus meditation.

  • At 10 pm Bonus Meditation.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to participate in the open-ended program of each night’s bonus meditation, where meditators are sitting and walking following their own scheme. The bonus meditation ends when the last meditator mindfully turns off the light and leaves the meditation hall. Usually that is 2-4 hours after the official ending of the day.

There will be opportunity for individual interviews any time with the teacher, but interviews will not be scheduled on a regular basis. However, the teacher will always be available for brief individual consultations anytime, as it were, on the go, in between sits and for instance on the walk.

  • But above all, retreatants are recommended to contribute to the didactic value of sharing answers to their questions with the whole community, and therefore to ask their questions either in the meditation hall or writing down questions anonymously on a post it note which shall then be answered in the meditation hall.

To sign up, please email uffedamborg@msn.com

Kajestenshuset, Røsnæs ved Kalundborg Fjord