RØSNÆS Vipassana Retreats 2023

  • Røsnæs, 6.-10. april
  • Røsnæs, 26 .-30. may
  • Røsnæs 6.-14. june
  • Røsnæs, 2.-6. october
  • Røsnæs 9.-22. october

The retreats take place at Kajestenshuset on Røsnæs, Sjælland, Denmark.
Conducted by the Danish Vipassana teacher Uffe Damborg
Teaching language is Danish but individual instruction in English is easily possible.

BLOKHUS Vipassana Retreat 2023

8.-16. august

On the Danish North Sea coast

More info on www.indsigtsmeditation.dk

Danske Vipassana Retreater 2023

The teacher

Uffe Damborg (1944-) studied from 1968 to 1975 with renowned Vipassana teacher Anagarika Munindra in Bodh Gaya who today rightly is regarded as one the grandfathers of the mindfulness movement in the West. Uffe also spent some years in meditation monasteries in Sri Lanka. He is a psychologist, cognitive psychotherapist and secular mindfulness teacher as well as a Vipassana teacher trained by Anagarika Munindra in the Theravada tradition. He is teaching on a regular basis at longer Vipassana retreats in Denmark.

There are several videos on YouTube in English and Danish with Dharma talks by Uffe. His 9- days retreats are recognized as qualifying for the MBSR training program of mindfulness instructors by the Center of Mindfulness  at University of Mass. USA.

The Principle of Dana


The retreat is strictly a non-profit arrangement. The retreat fees do not include any teaching fee. The retreats are being held according to the principle of dana (generosity) in the retreat tradition of Theravada Buddhism. This means that at the end of the retreat there is an opportunity for you to offer a contribution to the teacher. It is traditional to determine for ourselves the amount that is right for us to give anonymously in accordance with our appreciation of the teaching and our means.

Vinteren 2016 133

‘Indeed, it is because Master Gotama is an Accomplished One, Fully Enlightened One, that he has compassion for future generations. Magnificient, Master Gotama! Magnificient, Master Gotama! Master Gotama has made the Dhamma clear in many ways, as though he were turning upright what had been overthrown, revealing what was hidden, showing the way to one who was lost, or holding up a lamp in the dark for those with eyesight to see form.’

Majj. Nik. Sutta 4 (transl. by Bhikkhu Bodhi)



It is expected that retreatants follow the official schedule. However, you may substitute a walking meditation with your own program of physical spiritual excercises like yoga, qigong or tai chi, but no such exercises are taught at the retreat.

In any case, the schedule of sitting meditations should be strictly adhered to.

Between meditations throughout the retreat coffee and tea are freely available.

It is recommended that mobile phones and other electronic equipments are turned off throughout the retreat.


Vinteren 2016 138

The icon of Northern Light Vipassana Society is the lovely image of the Future Buddha Metteya, The Loving One.